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Treat and Beautify Sensitive Dry Skin: Advanced  Dermisil Lotions

Dry-Skin-CareNumerous external and internal factors can lead to dry skin conditions, and much too often, such conditions become persistent and severe.  The removal of natural skin oils by frequent applications of harsh soaps, over bathing, and the overuse of sanitizers are key causes of dry skin. Cold temperatures and low humidity represent two additional important external factors responsible for dry skin.  As far as internal factors, overall health, age, genetic inheritance, and medical conditions like thyroid disease,   can all lead to skin dryness.

Paradoxically, water has the most drying impact on the human skin!  Although it sounds like water should be helpful in preventing dry skin, just the opposite happens: water in excess washes off the natural skin oils that make the skin supple and soft.  In our society, We are overly bombarded by soap advertisements, and many of us have become quite obsessed with incessant cleansing.

Our skin care lotions heal dry skin by providing not just one but four paths to supple and soft skin:

They supply:

  • Occlusives  -  blocking moisture loss from the skin  surface
  • Humectants - binding water in the skin's outer layers 
  • Skin Lipids - enhancing the skin's natural ability to retain moisture             
  • EFA's - a powerful skin moisture barrier


Dermisil a.k.a. Dermasil  covers all levels of severity in dry skin conditions:

Dermasil Dry Skin Treatment - Original Lotion, Treats and Beautifies Even Severe Dry Skin

Dermasil Sensitive Skin Treatment Lotion, Hypo-Allergenic, Fragrance Free, Non-Greasy, Absorbs Quickly, Skin Lipid and EFA Treatment

Dermasil Dry Skin Advanced Treatment - Nutrient and Vitamin Enriched Moisturizer, Skin Lipid and EFA Treatment, Non-Greasy, Freshly Scented

Water is the most drying influence on the human skin! Although it sounds like it should help dry skin, it really washes off the necessary skin oils that retain the skin's water. This natural moisture makes the skin supple and soft. Television and other commercial advertisements have made us all too conscious of constant cleansing of the skin.

Repeated cleansing removes the skin's natural oil layer. This allows evaporation of the skin's water, which, in turn, leaves the very substance of the skin dry. In other words, water and bathing are extremely drying to the skin. As a matter of fact, xerosis is only a product of recent years, because people never used to take as many baths and showers as they do now. And if they only took one or two baths per week, as many of them did, people had a chance to re-accumulate natural body oils between baths.

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